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Bob's Meccano Shed

As I stated we do not have a spare room to use as a Meccano room, and I have always wanted my own workshop. There are two 165 by 60 centimetre fixed benches either side of the shed, one is used for production work and the other for assembly work.

As a former Electronics Design Engineer I wished to be able to produce small electronic units for controlling my Meccano models. Vital to P.C.B. (printed circuit boards used in electronics) production is a small pedestal drill press (shown on the right) for drilling accurately the small diameter holes required by electronic components in the printed circuit boards.

On the other end of the bench is an easily removable 4 inch engineers vice for general hand tool work. With the vice removed I do my ultraviolet exposure and the chemical development processes necessary to produce printed circuits here.

Below the bench underneath the drill press is a seven draw steel chest of drawers in which the Meccano is stored, and underneath the vice is a steel six drawer unit for tool and material storage.

Opposite is my illuminated Meccano model construction area (as shown on the right). The assembly white board was made removable to enable yearly repainting. With the radio tuned to Radio Two I can pass hours sat here, fully absorbed in my hobby. So much so, that in consideration to my wife, I installed a two way intercom for her to say "Your lunch is on the table" without coming out into the cold.

My electronic testing gear consists of a square/sine wave generator, a single beam oscilloscope, a 0 - 30 volt d.c. power supply, a soldering iron and two meters, one digital the other analogue.

On the right is a prototype electronics board built on a SRBP (synthetic resin bonded paper) board, since this is very brittle it used only to check that the circuit board layout works. I use the stronger glass fibre board for my production electronics.