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Bob's Meccano Shed

Not having a spare room in the flat to use as a Meccano room, I decided to build in the back garden a workshop shed. It is a gable doored 2.4m x 1.8m shed with shiplaped constructed walls, one with two opening windows, a felted roof, and a foam insulated floor. Internally lined with Rockwool® MultiRock® insulation and 12mm thick oak faced plywood. The shed has fluorescent lighting and a time switched 1kW/2kW heater (it gets rather cold in winter here, in the north).

Delay Reverse Control Unit

Ideal for controlling a display Meccano model; this small inexpensive electronic unit controls an electric motor via two push button limit switches, to stop for approximately 5 seconds and then to turn in the opposite direction. The push switches are of the sub-miniture type and the motor voltage can be anything between 1.5 volts and 24 volts. Made with five Meccano spaced holes for fixing on a strong glass fibre printed circuit board this control unit is easily connected up to its peripheral parts using screw terminals.

Four Switches For Meccano

Soldering leads to those minature and sub-minature switches can be a bit fiddly and difficult to do, especially if your sight is not too good. Here are three types of switch mounted on printed circuit boards with two Meccano spaced holes for fixing to your model and screw terminals which are easily wired into any electrical circuit.

Talking Hands

I have contracted Throat Cancer and for a time I have been rendered dumb. In order to talk when I don't have access to a computer or pen and paper, I'm using the blind-deaf hand alphabet I learned as a child calling it "Talking Hands". Here are all the hand signs that I use for the alphabet and a printer friendly version.
I know there is a version of this alphabet for the deaf and dumb, but it's no use to the blind and deaf as some of the signs have to be seen.